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1 Haabeel Muslim Variant of Habil: The Biblical Abel is the English language equivalent.. M
2 Haadhir Muslim Variant of Hadhir: Present. Attending.. M
3 Haady Muslim Variant of Hadi: Guiding to the right.. M
4 Haafiz Muslim Variant of Hafiz: Keeper. Guardian. Preserver.. M
5 Haahashtari Biblical A runner. M
6 Haaken Norse Of the chosen. M
7 Haakim Muslim Variant of Hakim: Wise. Healer. Physician. Ruler. Sovereign.. M
8 Haakon Scandinavian High-born. M
9 Haanee Muslim Variant of Hani: Happy. Delighted. Content.. M

10 Haaris Muslim Variant of Haris: Vigilant. Watchman.. M
11 Haarith Muslim Variant of Harith: Plowman. Tiller. Old Arabic name.. M
12 Haaroon Muslim Variant of Harun: The Biblical Aaron is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
13 Haashim Muslim Variant of Hashim: Name of Prophet Mohammed's grandfather. Old Arabic name. Generosity.. M
14 Haatim Muslim Variant of Hatim: Judge. Inevitable. Unavoidable.. M
15 Haaziq Muslim Variant of Haziq: Skillful. Intelligent.. M
16 Habaiah Biblical The hiding of the Lord. M
17 Habakkuk Biblical He that embraces; a wrestler M
18 Habazinaiah Biblical A hiding of the shield of the Lord. M
19 Habib Hebrew Dearly loved. M
20 Habil Muslim The Biblical Abel is the English language equivalent.. M
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