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1 E'jaaz Muslim Miracle. Astonishment.. M
2 E'temaad Muslim Variant of E'temad: Faith. Trust.. M
3 E'temad Muslim Faith. Trust.. M
4 Ea Celtic Fire. M
5 Ea Irish Fire. M
6 Eachan Irish Horseman. M
7 Eachann Gaelic Steadfast. M
8 Eachann Greek Steadfast. M
9 Eachann Irish Horse-lover. M

10 Eachthighearn Gaelic Horse lord. M
11 Eadbard Irish Variant of Eadbhard: Rich protector. M
12 Eadbeorht English Wealthy. M
13 Eadbert Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
14 Eadbhard Irish Rich protector. M
15 Eadburt English Wealthy. M
16 Eadelmarr English Noble. M
17 Eaden Hebrew Variant of Eden: Delight. M
18 Eadgar English An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and spear (gar). M
19 Eadgard Anglo-Saxon Lucky spearman. M
20 Eadger English Wealthy spear. M
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