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1 Agathon Rares In Ancient Greece. Derived from the Greek term, agathos, meaning, good. M
2 Alphée Rares Character of Greek mythology. God The river, who spread his waters to Sicily to capture the nymph Arethusa who was hiding there. M
3 Amance Rares Rares Latin origin, among the Knights known is the Bishop of Como in Lombardy, it is he who built the Basilica of the Holy Apostles. At Como in Lombardy, in the year 449, he was the third to sit on the cathedral of this Church. M
4 Archembault Rares Rares Former baptismal name of Germanic origin, stemming from the sincere arcan root, natural and bald daring, intrepid. It is originally a nickname that evoked a moral quality of an individual. M
5 Aydan Rares Usually means * moon *, it is of Indian origin. Similar names: Chayne, Cheyne, Cahyono, Chyna. F
6 Baptistine Rares It is the female form of Baptist, the prophet, who predicted the imminent arrival of the kingdom of God. First name that comes from the Greek word baptizein which means, dive into the water or immerse. F
7 Bathilde Rares Name can be used today, it is a medieval name. As Bathilde known we find Saint Bathilde, widow of Clovis 2, in 647, she will then be queen regent of the kingdom. F
8 Blanchefleur Rares Ah yes! There is something pleasant to look at, Jolipaire is the Chatelaine, a beautiful slender blonde with white skin, cheek rubiconbes and scarlet lips. Her name is Blanchefleur. M
9 Brunehilde Rares Medieval was the daughter of the Scandinavian god Odin, it was the first of the Valkyries. Siegfried pulled her from the enchanted sleep into which her father had thrown her. A legend that will inspire Wagner, The Ring of Nibelung and the tale of The Slee F

10 Calandra Rares Very ecological name, since it means * green space * in Greek. F
11 Cassien Rares Comes from the Greek, kassia and denotes a cassier, name of a tropical shrub. One of Caesar's assassins in the Senate in Rome bore this name. M
12 Chayana Rares Usually means * moon *, it is of Indian origin. Similar names: Chayne, Cheyne, Cahyono, Chyna. F
13 Delima Rares We find our first name in Malaysia. It comes from Sanskrit, which is the language of Hindu and Buddhist religious texts. Running in France between 1825 and 1849. F
14 Espérance Rares Comes from the Latin "sperare" meaning "to hope". A saint, Maria Esperanza de la Cruz, co-founder of the Augustinian Missionaries. F
15 Guilhem Rares The name Guilhem has existed since the early days of Christendom and was especially illustrated by a panoply of nobles, lords and religious. This expansion restricted to a certain social class. F
16 Hemmone Rares Medieval Name, comes from Latin. hailing from Hamburg, Germany (so rare that I had trouble finding information, if you know more ...) F
17 Hermengaarde Rares 13 Ermengarde Rares Hermengarde, Ermengard, Ermengart, Irmingarde, Irmingard, Hermenjart and ) It is a feminine given name, worn by several female figures, especially in the Middle Ages. F
18 Kadesh Rares Region / name famous battles of the early thirteenth century before our area, opposing two great powers: Hittite empire-led armies led by Muwatalli II and Egypt led by Ramses II, himself. Also Egyptian / Persian mythology M
19 Kiron Rares Wise Master, comes from Greek mythology. Son of Phylire nymph and Cronos, he brought wisdom to Achilles and Ulysses. M
20 Lago Rares First name of Hebrew origin, which means, that God favors. Also in the play Othello or William Shakespeare's The Moor of Venice. M
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