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1 Alix Posh Posh Derived from Adélaïde, itself from Adèle, which comes from the German "adal", which means noble. Considered as an equivalent of Alice. Mixte M
2 Amaury Posh Amal german, dark root that owes its success to the family of the powerful Visigoth kings Amali, and ric. M
3 Appoline Posh From the Greek * apellos *, which arouses, which inspires (the creation), name of the god Apollo, god of light and beauty, son of Zeus and Leto. F
4 Augustin Posh Comes from the Latin * Augustus * whose meaning is * venerable, majestic *. St. Augustine, bishop in Algeria, died in 430 during the barbarian invasions. M
5 Bérengère Posh Feminine Berenger, who comes from the Germanic ber, the bear, and gari, the spear. This name was very common throughout the Middle Ages. F
6 Bertille Posh The meaning is * Brilliant, clever *. Saint Bertille, young noble of the region of Soissons, she chose to live a pious and exemplary life, in the eighth century. F
7 Blaise Posh Latin blaesus, meaning the one who stutters. The name Blaise was very common between the 13th and 16th centuries. It is also found in family name. Boss of weavers and carders. M
8 Briac Posh Comes from Celtic, is means * Power, nobility, respect *. M
9 Come Posh From the Greek * cosmos * which means order. Saint Cosmas, twin brother of St. Damian, who practiced medicine for free in Arabia for Christ's sake. M

10 Constance Posh From latin constantia, perseverance, constancy, stability. Under the Roman Empire, it was the female equivalent of Constantine. This name is often found among the first Christians in whom it was a means of affirming their fidelity to Christ. F
11 Cunegonde Posh Cunegonde is the wife of St. Henry II, German Emperor crowned by Benedict VIII in 1014. Widowed in 1024, she retired from the world and took the veil at the monastery. F
12 Cyprien Posh From the Greek * kupris *, designating a native of the island of Cyprus. In antiquity, Cyprus was considered to have been the birthplace of Venus, the goddess of Love. M
13 Domitille Posh From Latin domitilla, woman, house. In Roman society, Domitille was a great lady of the Flavian family and married to a consul. Converted to Christianity, she was deported to an island in the first century. F
14 Edgar Posh The germain * ed *, riches, goods, and * gari *, lance. Edgar is therefore a lucky warrior. Of Germanic origin, spread in Anglo-Saxon countries in the early Middle Ages, as illustrated by St. Edgar the Pacific, King of England in the tenth century. M
15 Enguerrand Posh From Germanic Engil, "angel", and hramm, "raven". The raven refers to pre-Christian Scandinavian beliefs. a medieval name illustrated by Saint Enguerrand of Metz, who accompanied Charlemagne in his campaign against the Avars of Hungary. M
16 Eudes Posh Means * noble, fortunate * in Latin. The first name Eudes was borne by only one saint-Eudes, Abbot of Monestier, in Auvergne (died around 720). M
17 Gonzague Posh Comes from the name of a family of the sixteenth century Italian nobility. M
18 Hermine Posh The ermine is an animal of the family Mustelidae, in front of its vernacular name to the Latin armenius mus, "rat / mouse of Armenia". F
19 Hippolyte Posh From * hippos *, horse, and * lutos *, tamer. In Greece, Hippolyte, son of King Theseus, repels his mother-in-law, Phaedrus. She accuses him of wanting to attack his honor. Theseus raises the wrath of Poseidon, who kills him. M
20 Isaure Posh Posh From the Greek Isauria, "Isauria", is a region of Asia Minor, reputed to be populated by pirates. The name Isaure was very common in the Middle Ages and assigned to both girls and boys. F
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