Popular Maori names for girls and boys

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1 Aata Maori From Te Tama aata to you marama. The gay child of the moon (mixed) M
2 Afaiau Maori From Afa to the pupa a ara to Hiro. I wear the fragrant flower of Hiro (Girl and boy) M
3 Ahinui Maori Borrowed from the famous mountain Aahinui and means "the great fire". F
4 Ahu-lani Maori Hawaiian Origin: Heavenly Pilgrimage M
5 Ahuarii Maori Royal garment F
6 Ahutiare Maori Name of Tahitian origin that can be translated as *Flower Dress*. Comes from the word *ahu* which means *cloth of tapa, garment, dress* and *tiara* which means *flower*. F
7 Ahuura Maori From Ahu ura arii o te too a o te ra. Royal red dress of the sunset. F
8 Aitu Maori From Tahu, did you have my atua: Priest eating the food of the gods. M
9 Aka Maori Affectionate. F

10 Akahata Maori Supreme. M
11 Akahi Maori Original Hawaiian: First time M
12 Akenehi Maori Pure. F
13 Akona Maori To enthuse. F
14 Amahau Maori To gather. M
15 Amiria Maori Industrious, from Amelia. F
16 Ana Maori Serene. F
17 Anewa Maori To fall. M
18 Ani Maori Maori form of Anne. F
19 Aperira Maori The Maori form of April. F
20 Aputa Maori Open spaces. F
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