Popular Gypsy names for girls and boys

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1 Alyanna Gypsy Rare first name, carried by 0.001% of the population. Vibrant and cheerful girl F
2 Brishen Gypsy Gypsy names, meaning: Born during a storm. Born during the rain, Born during rain. This first name may be of English origin. Mixed M
3 Camlo Gypsy Beautiful. M
4 Chal Gypsy Boy. M
5 Chik Gypsy Earth. M
6 Cidjy Gypsy Rare first name. As derivatives Cidalia Cidem Cidji Cidjie Cidjy. F
7 Danior Gypsy Born with teeth. M
8 Djine Gypsy Rare, comes from John, inspired by the Hebrew Yehohanan, synonymous with *God has given grace* or *God forgives*. M
9 Dowen Gypsy Rare first name, I found traces in the state. There are also * Dowenne *, * Dowenn *. It certainly comes from a family name. Ex: Matías Dowenn who is an actor and producer. F

10 Dukker Gypsy Fortune-teller. M
11 Durriken Gypsy He who forecasts. M
12 Durril Gypsy Gooseberry. M
13 Falonne Gypsy See also Falone, probably comes from the Irish name Fallami'han which means * leader *. One could interpret by * the little girl of the chief * in Irish. F
14 Inès Gypsy Of Greek origin, this name is derived from the Latin name Agnès. M
15 Kelly Gypsy First name Celtic meaning * warrior * variant of Kilian, Originally, it was exclusively intended for male use. In the 7th century, St. Kilian was an important religious figure. F
16 Klervy Gypsy Klervi, Celtic origin. Haer * strong *, * little gem *. Her brothers were Saints Jgu, Gwezheneg and Gwénolé. His brother Gwénolé did a miracle. We see the scene at the Church of St. Frégant in Finistère .. F
17 Manzone Gypsy Name Italian origin, more common in the plural form Manzoni. It is a derivative of the old name Amanzio, which corresponds to the Latin Amantius and found in the French Amans. M
18 Sarah Gypsy St. Sarah (or Sara e Kali, the Black Madonna) is the patron saint of the Gypsies. F
19 Snow Gypsy Rare First Name Since 1900 in Europe, 269 girls were named to - Neige - F
20 Ylenzo Gypsy Rare first name, which apparently means * intelligence * M
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