Popular Geek names for girls and boys

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1 Aéris Geek Aeris Gainsborough is a character in the Final Fantasy VII video game on PlayStation. Last descendant of the extinct Cetras people who lived on earth before men F
2 Anakin Geek Engineering mechanics since the cradle in Star Wars, it can make sacred angers. Asthma problems, avoid the dark side of big cities. M
3 Arwen Geek Lord of the rings, the important things in his eyes are happiness. Courageous, noble, Arwen will always follow her heart. F
4 Daenerys Geek Game of Throne, an angelic beauty and a good heart, loves animals F
5 Darius Geek In Hunger Games, he is brave and peaceful, not a fan of fighting. But if he does not have a choice. Speak a little but it's a big heart M
6 Hashtag Geek In the States geek culture has influenced some parents, not obvious that this is allowed, in many other countries. F
7 Jorah Geek Game of Throne, chivalrous Jorah is a great romantic, so do not step on him. He is very dedicated and gifted for spying. M
8 Katniss Geek In Hunger Games very independent, she does not let herself easily dictate her conduct F
9 Léia Geek She has her feet on the ground and her head in the stars where she foments plans constantly. A little rebellious, we do not easily have the last word. Worn on the bad boys, it is necessary to prove oneself to have one's heart. F

10 Rory Geek Really resourceful, he knows how to get out of many critical situations thanks to his quick and ingenious mind. M
11 Théoden Geek In the Lord of the Rings, born leader, He knows how to surround himself while galvanizing his little friends. Among which we find a lot of magicians. M
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