Popular Corsica names for girls and boys

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1 Albertu Corsica Albertu, variant of Albert. M
2 Ange Corsica Ange comes from the Greek *eggelos*, meaning *messenger* M
3 Anghjula Corsica Anghjula variant of Angela. F
4 Anghjulina Corsica Variant of Angélina. F
5 Anghjulu Corsica Anghjulu variant of Angel M
6 Antoine Corsica The name of the patron saint of shepherds. Also Anto or Antone. M
7 Antone Corsica Antonu variant of Anthony. M
8 Bartolumeu Corsica Bartolumeu variant of Barthelemy M
9 Biaghju Corsica Variation of Blaise M

10 Bianca Corsica Bianca variant of *Blanche* *white* F
11 Carla Corsica Carla variant of *Charlotte* F
12 Carlu Corsica Carlu variant of *Charles* M
13 Catalina Corsica Catalina variant of *Catherine* F
14 Colomba Corsica Colomba, latin origin, * columba *, pigeon, dove. For Christians, the dove represents the Holy Spirit. It was also the favorite bird of the Greek goddess Aphrodite (of Love). There is also Sainte Colombe, Spanish princess converted to Christianity, under F
15 Cristofanu Corsica Cristofanu, variant of *Christophe* M
16 Dumenicu Corsica Dumenicu / Dumenica (Dominica), voc. or diminutive of Dumè. Corsican variant of Dominic, from the Latin dominicus, "which belongs to the Lord" M M
17 Ettore Corsica Ettore, Ettaru variant of Hector M
18 Fiurenzu Corsica Fiurenzu variant of *Florent*. M
19 Francesca Corsica Francesca variant of diminutive Françoise also *Ceccè* F
20 Francescu Corsica Francescu variant of Francis, diminutive Ceccu M
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