Popular Chinese names for girls and boys

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1 Bao Chinese Treasure. M
2 Bo Chinese Precious. F
3 Chang Chinese Smooth. M
4 Chen Chinese Great. M
5 Cheng-Gong Chinese Success. M
6 Cong Chinese Intelligent. M
7 De Chinese Virtue. M
8 Deshi Chinese Moral. M
9 Dewei Chinese Highly noble. M

10 Dingbang Chinese Protects the country. M
11 Dishi Chinese Man of virtue. M
12 Enlai Chinese Appreciation. M
13 Fa Chinese Beginning. M
14 Fang Chinese Wind. M
15 Kuan-yin Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy. M
16 Lian Chinese Daughter of the sun. F
17 Lin Chinese Family name. F
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